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Setup: User Accounts/restricting users

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When I demonstrated LiveAccounts early on to an accounting firm I get referrals from the initital response was "What about User Accounts and restricted access"?  Any plans on this front?


"User Accounts/restricting users"

Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: November 2016

Thank you all for your feedback. User access management is certainly a popular requested feature, we are pleased to let you know that our developers are targeting this in 2017.


Please continue casting your vote if you are interested in this idea, and leave any detailed suggestions to our developers in the comment section. 

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How are we going with this issue? Its a bit crazy that all users can see payroll infomation.

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After recommending MYOB Essentials to a client, who now informs me that he requires staff to have access , we need the ability to restrict access such as payroll information and bank balances etc for staff. 

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We have a variety of users within the business accessing MYOB to set up invoices and allocate payments however we want to be able to restrict their access to the job role they are doing and specifically not be able to access, read, or amend the payroll section.


Thanks MYOB

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Have you considered upgrading to AccountRight Plus 2014 ?

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Thanks for responses, I have posted my vote now!  Hoping for a speedy response. @KymY 



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Even though this seems a "MUST HAVE" in any accounting software, MYOB is still asking for votes to assess the idea...

This should be sorted URGENTLY or your customers will leave.

A REAL timeframe would be very handy in order to stay or leave.




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Thank you all for your votes and comments. We understand the need for setting restrictions on User Access. Your feedback has been passed on to our product development team. We hope to see changes to this area in a future update. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. 

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I support those who would like to see a read-only user restriction added. I'm amazed it wasn't thopught that it wouldn't be required when the progran was written. In our particular business I cannot transition clients to this pacvkage as I want to do. If it is not going to be available very soon I will have to look at other packages.


Please can you add it urgently 

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 Hi @Graemew 

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your feedback with the team.

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We will need to restrict the standard user to view only if we can.

I hope we can go ahead with this matter, otherwise we might have to switch to other software soon to accomodate this important matter.

I can't believe software as big as MYOB doesn't have this option.