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Spend Money: Move Add lines and Delete button





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Can you please move the ADD LINE and DELETE LINE Buttons to an area where they do not take up there own line/space (under where the details and amount is enter or even make them smaller) to move the Details Entry Area up the screen further, which in turn will move  the totals etc but particularly the Save, Save  &  Add Button up so that these buttons appear on the display in front of you and you don't have to keep scrolling down to hit the Save, Save  &  Add Button, as you need to do this with every transactions but don't use the ADD LINE or DELETE LINE with every transaction.  Particularly when working on laptops and smaller screens


"Spend Money - MYOB Essentials"

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MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your feedback on the formatting on the banking screens in Essentials, we're always keen to hear this sort of feedback so we can make the screen layout as ideal as possible for as many people as possible so we would be happy to consider changing the layout how you have described it. Please make sure that you vote on this suggestion if you'd like to see the page changed in this way.
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When entering data in a Spend Money transaction it would be helpful to be able to move lines of data up and down the page, as you can in an invoice. I have to enter our Paypal transactions in a Spend Money, as they are not part of Bank Feeds, which can be fiddly and awkward, so this feature would help keep things in order without having to copy and paste info to keep it all in order.