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Spend Money: Save & add option





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it would be so much better if at the conlcusion of a "spend money" transaction the screen return ed ready to enter another "spend money" transaction, instead ofthe need to click on the banking>spend money tab each & every time.


"MYOB Live Accounts - multiple  spend money transactions"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2012
MYOB Moderator StevePick
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Valued Partner interAccounts
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I agree with DavidSt.  As a bookkeeper, my client's don't forward me their receipts every day they receive one, its anything between weekly to monthly and there are always multiple receipts paid for in cash which needs to be processed using Spend Money.  It gets very time consuming having to manually select spend money every time.


There may be others out there who religiously process transactions daily and only want to process one spend money.  I suggest adding an extra button called 'Save & add another' - the same as the Create invoice screen maintaining uniformity within the product

MYOB Moderator StevePick
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Hi folks. Thanks for this suggestion, it will be implemented in our next release.

MYOB Staff Post StephenL
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This feature has been implemented. Click on the 'save & add another' button to save the spend money transaction and return to the spend money page.