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Statement: Ability to personalise statement (i.e. add Logo)

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Please can we have the ability to customise our forms, invoices and statements etc? I want to be able to include my logo on my statements. I'd love to be able to add to my invoices a paypal (or other) web address for people wanting to pay by credit card. I'd like to be able to change the wording on emailed invoices. Arrrgh. So frustrating!


'MYOB LIVE customised forms and templates ... my way!"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

The ability to personalise invoices and statements and add Payment Options / How to pay section has been delivered. For more information please refer to Essentials blog article improved customer statements today

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1 invoice design and no ability to change the design, really? As a design agency, sending ugly invoices doesn't say much about us.

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What do you expect from MYOB? I would love to have more invoice capabilities but being MYOB I got to expect mediocrity. I am not surprised.




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Thanks for your feedback in regards to customising invoices. 


At the moment, the team are concentrating on additional payroll features and improving performance. Once this is done, we will be taking a good look at invoicing and adding enhancements and new features. This will include quotes and provide for some level of ability to customise invoice layout / styles. 


No precise date, but I am hoping some of the invoice enhancements / feature will start to deploy around mid year. 


When we are ready to tackle this, could I contact you for the purpose of you reviewing the enhancements / features we are planning before we commence development?

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Hi Divamy


i couldn't agree more With your comments.


i have a design and marketing client whoops is using Live Accounts and loves many of the aspects of the platform but hates the ugly invoice format.  


She will print her invoices onto her letterhead to solve this problem, however this creates the additional problem of duplicated information following through from the business details setup.  It would be great users could control how much business information they wish to save in that set up screen.


I think Thais could be a relatively painless fix for MYOB to implement.



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This program is the most illogical thing I have ever seen! Why does it not change the template of the form when I change from the invoice tab to the quotation tab?!!! Do you know how many times I have accidentally sent something through as an invoice when it was meant to be a quote??!! I mean how obvious do you need to get! All you need is a setting to preset the form for each tab and your done. This programme was definitely not made for trades people. FIX ASAP.

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Hi sparkyseb Sunday

Just wondering if you have fixed your template for your quotes.

Im having the same issue with trying to use a customised template for my quotes.

If you have fixed your problem please pass on the answer, or if anyone else has any answers that would be very helpful.

A tradies wife.


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Thanks for the great idea. Anyone else who would like to see additional customisation, PayPal and credit card payment options added to invoices, please cast your vote on this idea.
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I'm new to MYOB LiveAccounts and love the product! The only thing I would like to suggest is the ability to customise invoice and quote templates. As a designer I feel it's important to get these looking very nice!


My suggestion is for a simple HTML/CSS editor to customise templates. An excellent example of this is demonstrated within the Ronin App software (another web based invoicing app). Please see examples attached.









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Just an idea on how best to implement customisation without too much coding in the back end would be the ability to upload an (A4 PDF for example) that sits behind as a base layer whereby MYOB supply a template as to where thier data fields will sit and you just go crazy with your customisation of the header and footer outside of Live accounts.


Within settings under business details you could then have tick boxes to indicate what information you would like to show/hide from the invoice template.


To expand on this concept have a file upload for a pre-determined number of pages to add on the end of the invoice as a terms of conditions, company profile or whatever you desire really!


Anyhow this would give you near total control of the 'Look' without complicated templating within LiveAccounts.