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Statements: Include logos and bank detials





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Statements in myob live look disgusting, Need to add Logos and bank details at least


"Customizing statements"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2017

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for showing your support for this idea

We are pleased to announce that company logos and how to pay information (similar to invoices) will be included on MYOB Essentials statements. This is along with a new look Statements page.

For more information please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Try the new and improved customer statements today

Contributing User grumpymole
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Logos under Settings -> My Business Details -> Logo


Bank details under Settings -> My Business Details -> Payment Terms

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Well aware of all that doesnt help with statements

MYOB Moderator StevePick
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Hi Betta, we are working on invoice and statement changes at the moment. Regards Steve.
Contributing User Dustin
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Payment details don't show up on statements.



Some customers I do not invoice - they only want me to send a statement at the end of every month - however there is nowhere on the form where payment details show up. I would like to be able to have my direct debit details show up on these statements.



Trusted User Julie_B
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Hi Dustin - you say you don't invoice your customer, so I'm presuming you use Receive Money to the customer's card to record the income?


Statements are only relative to "sales", and therefore invoices created and paid.


Presuming you are using AR2012.x or better ...


If your customer needs something from you to prove receipt of payment to you may I suggest you go to Reports, Card, Card Transactions and put in the necessary filters for that customer. You can then print, save or email (click on top left blue box with little white down arrow and choose Send) this to your client.


Hope this helps.


Trusted User Julie_B
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Sorry Dustin - you're using LiveAccounts which could be different to above - I so often get these mixed up!  LiveAccounts is not AccountRight Live LOL.


Experienced Cover User STBA
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Customer Statements are far too basic.

I would like to see:


  1. Larger (or better still customisable) font size - particularly for the word STATEMENT
  2. Ability to add a company logo.
  3. The Description column needs to say something useful eg the descrition field from the invoice, instead of just "Sales Invoice".
  4. The ability to specify a date range so that the statement could then become an Activity Statement.
  5. Ability to display payment options along the bottom, similar to what is displayed on the Invoice template.


Hoping at least some of this can be implemented soon.

I am thinking that the customising options could use pretty much the same software as is used to customise an invoice.

Alan Bottomley.

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Has there been any update as to when Statement Customisation will be available?

Contributing User conan99
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I would like to add my 2 cents!


The statements need to be customisable to include/exclude particular invoices - Such as the criteria for display in the Sales/invoices section: All, or Unpaid and sent, unpaid and not sent ... etc.


Currenty statements includes all invoices, even 'not sent' ones, so the client gets a statement amount that he hasn't even recieved an invoice for!


Oh and the ability to add a custom line of type - I'd like to add the standard bt about debt collection fees.


Many thanks, and yes please consider more design options for statements AND invoices, such as font colour, some font choices (maybe google fonts?) and font size.



Contributing Cover User KC2004
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Can you please tell me when I will be able to customize Statements in MYOB essentials?

I cant find anywhere that says you can do this yet . I would like DC details and logo on my statements