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Hi there,

I used to regularly use the payables with tax report and receivables with tax report, however I have just moved to essentials and am very disappointed to find out they are no longer Available!

Please please bring them to essentials, they make reconciling my GST so much easier.

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We badly need this report. Most small business clients using MYOB would have financials prepared on an accruals basis and GST prepared on a cash basis. For those clients this report is essential (isn't the name of this product MYOB ESSENTIALS?) to be able to properly reconcile GST accounts in the financials and pick up if there is any unclaimed GST from previous quarters.


I note that a 'with tax report' is available for the Sales Reconciliation and Bills Reconciliation reports in MYOB Account Right and Xero. Come on MYOB, surely this report would be easy to create for MYOB Essentials!!!