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I operate 2 completelt seperate businesses on 2 completely separte MYOB online accounts.

My businesses both operate under 1 company under 1 ABN


Because of this I can only use Super Portal for 1 business, as even though i use a seperate email adress to log in, the registration process does not complete for the second business due to using the same ABN as the first.


If i upload the super file from the second business to the first business super portal, this means money will be taken from the first business for both businesses, which is an issue as my businesses operate independently with separate bank accounts.


Why can't i have 2 completely super portals for my seperate businesses operating under 1 compnay using the same ABN!?

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That is probably because you are effectively saying there are two businesses using the same ABN.   Assuming you are a sole trader and these are business NAMES you more that likely you would have needed to only have one datafile with ledgers or costing set up to reflect two businesses.

The ATO will not allow entities to share their ABN which is effectively what you are trying to do.

i,e the ABN might be in your name and the 2 business names would be trading names.