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Tab Through General Journal & Copy Journals




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When entering general journals we are unable to tab through when entering data. 


Using Google Chrome on Mac book air (brand new Oct 2014 with latest software).


Also it would be nice if we could copy journals...same idea as copy invoices.



Omni Payroll Team.  


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @omnipayroll. Anyone else who would like the ability to tab from field to field while entering general journal entries, please cast your vote here so that we can gauge the popularity of this idea.

Partner thekenyan
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Couldn't agree more with all of the above - just adding a comment now so that MYOB know this is still RIDICULOUS!! And still a massive problem.  How is it possible that this has not been updated???

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We have been asking for this functionality since 2014.  When will it happen?

I have a bookkeeper I work with who has now told me that, because of the useless journal entry screen, if a prospective client uses Essentials she will not take them on.

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"The votes on the AccountRight Idea Exchange for an idea gives the development team an indication of how many MYOB Community Forum users are looking for an idea. The larger the number of votes an idea gets the greater the demand and therefore the higher chance it will get implemented into the software. "


But it doesn't help that many people post asking for the same thing but each one only gets  afew votes.  The system is flawed.


We have been asking for the functionality of the journal entry screen, which was obviously coded by someone who has never watched a professional enter data, to be improved since 2014.  When will something be done?

Partner Miket
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I know dozens of people, not just bookkeepers who say the same thing. Please incorporate this tab function ASAP!

Partner Caseyw
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I can not tab through columns when entering a journal entry. It's EXTREMELY frustrating and time consuming to have to click in each cell to enter the data.

I have trided in all different browers and still can not tab into the next cell.