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In our business we do a lot of lawn mowing and gardening. As such we will mow a customers lawn every couple of weeks and have transactions from as little as $20. Our customers, as you can imagine don't want to write a cheque/deposit money for just 1 cut at a time and we don't want them to pay for 4 cuts in arrears for cash-flow reasons, so most of our customers want to pay in advance. Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this...Can you PLEASE create a simple way that I can link a payment to a customers account so that it stays in credit and each time I create an invoice it will decrease the credit?

John pays $40, we allocate it to his account which was $0 balance now it's at $40 credit. We then mow his lawn and invoice him for $20, Liveaccounts asks us "do you want to allocate payment from credit?" We Click yes, invoice is now paid and reconciled, and John's account is still in credit $20 for next time.


I'm not an accountant or bookkeeper so not sure about the "backend" issues this may cause with the records, but from a small business owner/operator perspective it would be great. I know there's a more complicated way of recording payments in advance, but if it could be integrated seamlessly into the software as a dedicated "payment in advance" process it would make my life so much easier!




"Payment in Advance"

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Last Changed: August 2012

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Thanks Mitch for your enhancement request.  I think this is a great one.


I will add this to the enhancement listing so when we tackle invoicing improvements in the near future, it will be top of mind.

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We are in exactly the same industry, and position regarding advance payments as Mitch.  As someone who used MYOB products extensively about 6 years ago, I find it interesting that the 'latest and greatest' cloud software has lost the ability to apply advance payments.  Why take out such funcationality?  

For this and several other reasons, I am thus far not a huge fan of the cloud based version, I wonder if we would regain this funcationality if we switched to PC based software?  What are you using Mitch - cloud or PC based?

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Hi jterr13, our AccountRight range of programs, which also has the option of using cloud storage for the datafile so that it can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, does still have this function. LiveAccounts is designed as an option for small businesses with limited features, which we're adding to over time.

Adding in this function is something that is being looked into, but there is no set date on when this will be added in.