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Transaction history: Use previously searched From date

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When the Transaction History is opened the default starting date seems to be 1 July 2013, rather than a remembered previous date or a default date set by the user.

Can this be fixed/changed?

It seems silly to be downloading all the YTD transactions when mostly all you want to see is the last few days or perhaps the current month.

I am pretty sure that Live Accounts did not have this problem.

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.


"Transaction History - Default starting date."

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The previous version definitely remembered the last default starting date.  It's frustrating.

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Yes - frustrating.

Experienced User blissettt
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So time consuming to wait for all those Transactions

MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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Thank you all for your votes and comments for this idea. When you go to the Transaction History page now, the search dates will default to the last searched date range. 


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