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The area of report generation needs to be looked at. I just had a client upset that the BAS Q1 uncoded report given to her was missing the last half of September and she had to write out the missing transactions by hand. I had run the report without realising that I needed to scroll down through the whole transaction list first, this is a gross lack of efficiency, surely the system can be made to capture all transactions in one go, after all thats why you place a tick box at the top of the page. A full list is captured when a general ledger report is generated without having to confirm all transactions first so make this happen on the bank transaction page.


I just read the article in accountantsdaily bragging of MYOB's confidence against Xero, if I run an uncoded report in Xero I get ALL of my information in one go, maybe MYOB should take a leaf out of Xero's book.


Kevin Ashworth