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Warning for duplicate Supplier Invoices Numbers

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hi!  when using MYOB account right it pops up with a message if you seem to be entering a creditor invoice number in for a second time but with MYOB essentials is doesnt.  Can we get this option in essentials PLEASE!!

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Current Status: Open
Last Changed: April 2015

Thank you very much for your suggestion @heidiwagga


Currently Essentials doesn't have the ability to warn for duplicate supplier invoice numbers when recording Purchases. I would encourage anyone else who wish to see this option added in Essentials to cast your vote, and leave comments below if required.

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Not only duplicate invoice numbers but duplicate purchase order numbres, essentials seems like a big step backwards.

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I would recommend to MYOB to find solution and add this feature in all MYOB plateform. It very important and helpful features. I was using different accounting software and I really enjoyed this feature in my previous accouting sotware.   

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Agree - this should be a standard feature