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entering cash receipts in essentials




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The entering of Cash Receipts works in a very cumbersome fashion and takes 3 times longer than is necessary.

1/. Not able to tab accross.

2/. Entry of date twice.

3/. Cheque number is not necessary.

4/. Drop down box for recepient account will not always work and needs to be entered 2 maybe 3 times B4 it is accepted.

5/. Slaes anaylis box also does not acknowledge always and can be attempted 2 or 3 times.

6/. To open the value box takes 2 or 3 clicks B4 it will open.

All in all it needs to have a revamp the same as was given to the outward cash last year.

I have very little hair left and am not happy to keep pulling it out so please fix.