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this year/last year comparison reports





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Is it possible to do This year/Last year comparison reports for P&L and Balance sheet in MYOB essentials?  If not is this something that could be added or is there an upgrade that does this?  

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How can I include a column for last year end amounts for the balance sheet as well as the current month amounts ?

MYOB Moderator Barry_C
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Thanks for the idea Mike of needing a balance sheet report to show the balance as of the current month and include a column for last year. We would love to hear what others think about this.
Valued Partner JeffreyStephens
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Hi Mike,


If you are open to use an MYOB Add-on then check out BudgetLink


BudgetLink is a Free Apporoved MYOB add-on that has a Balance Sheet report that compares current month balances with the same month last year. WIth a quick customisation (less than 10 mintues) it could be made to compare year end balances with the current month


You can download it from here

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Fully agree.

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Feedback from Accountant " it would be great if you had a Last year comparison within the Balance Sheet like there is in the new BETA P & L.

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It would make end of year reconciling and general bookkeeping easier if you could view a balance sheet report showing last years comparatives, similiar to the new Profit & Loss layout.



MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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Thank you all for your interest in this idea. 


This year/last year comparison is already avaialble with the new Profit & Loss report, our developers do plan to bring this option for the Balance Sheet report as well. We'll be updating the status again when we have more details avaiable. 

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Have gone through the comments regarding the This yr last yr Balance Sheet. From and accountant point of view it is a huge mistake to overlook this function! Is there a timeframe for when this will be available? 

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 The original suggestion to introduce a comparative balance sheet feature in Essentials was posted two years ago. Is this something that will be implemented anytime soon?? Other accounting software programs have this feature so it's really frustrating (and time consuming!) not being able to pull up comparative balance sheets in Essentials.

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Comparative Balance Sheet already please please please please please please.