Capture dockets with added note sent to the intray.

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Capture dockets with added note sent to the intray.

We process the docket from the intray as spend money and get the details of the supplier to pay from the note attached to it.

All good at this point. We receive another capture docket in the intray with no note attached to it. We process the docket as spend money and the system picks up the supplier details from the previous note .

It repeats the details of the note to subsequent dockets. You end up paying the wrong person as you cannot see if there is  a note attached to the capture docket and you assume there is a note attached to it. 

The last time I called support I spend almost two hours talking to various people to be told that I should log my problem on the community forum.  WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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Re: Capture dockets with added note sent to the intray.

Hi @KathyG2 

Welcome to the Community Forum and I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the phone support team.


We've tried to replicate this situation on our end and if there is no note attached to the document, the details from the previous document's note do not get pulled through. As it's behaving differently on your end, can you please check the following and let me know how you go on:


1) Clear AccountRight Cache before sending the documents to intray as sometimes these display issues are caused due to corrupt cache.


2) When you send the second document with no notes to the intray, is only the Memo section prefilled in the spend money transaction or the supplier details like Card, Amount, etc. as well? 

   ( If the Card, Amount and other details are being picked up, please note the ABN on the document as the intray's OCR selects the supplier information in spend money/bill transactions based on the ABN entered in the supplier's card file.) 


If you've checked both of these and the issue still remains, send us a screenshot of two sample intray documents ( one with notes and one without), how they get recorded in the software as spend money transactions, and also what's in the note section. You're welcome to send this information by Private Message if it contains sensitive data.

Kind regards,

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