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Disable MYOB paydirect

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Disable MYOB paydirect

I am trying to disable the MYOB paydirect in my 'new' essentials package.  I have gone into sales settings and 'turned off' online payments, however I note that MYOB still offers a QR Code for payment which is MYOB pay direct.


Researching via the forum I note other mentions of a merchant portal but not sure what that is.


I am invoicing this weekend the majority of our customers, and do not want the choice to pay via this method


The reason for disabling is I do not want my customers to pay via MYOB pay direct. 


They have a flaw in the way the payments are presented in the allocation 'match transaction' field.  I advised them in January 2023 that this was an issue (spent days, trying to resolve it with them before they agreed it is not ideal) I notice it is still not resolved.  The short term fix should be to provide the Credit note reference in the Report you need to download.  It would still be convoluted but easier.

Currently what happens a payment is recieved the invoice is now paid. It is not unusual for this to be multiple payments aggregated into 1 larger amount.  Unfortunately this aggregated amount does not align with any invoice no. or numbers.  So the only way is to download the report on these payments which does not have any reference to the credit note.  The only way I have found I can allocate payments is to manually check the report and then look up the invoice number that was paid and then write down the credit note number used.  Then go back into Bank transactions > Unallocated > Match Transaction > Search Field > input credit note number then tick the transaction (+fee), if it is multiple then I will have to keep searching all of the 'match transaction' fields and hoping when I get them all ticked it balances out.  

Go Figure........ and I have to pay them a fee to collect it like this, I spend 3-4 times longer than if somebody just pays via square or stripe.

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