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PayDirect Issue

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PayDirect Issue

We recently received a payment of an invoice through pay direct into our bank account.  We dont have any invoices for the same amount outstanding.  We have received no email to say who the payment has been received from so I can pair up with an invoice.  A customer may have paid part an invoice?? but I have no way of applying without further information.  Can you please tell me how to investigate further

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Re: PayDirect Issue



When a customer makes payment on an invoice using PayDirect Online that invoice would need to be paid in full and you would receive an email indicating that payment has been made. From a company file point of view, the system will generate a Receive Payments transaction marking that invoice as paid and grouping that payment with Prepare Bank deposits. So provided that payment has made via PayDirect Online you should have an email to that effect and a Receive Payment transaction.

In your case, it sounds like a customer has made a direct payment through to your bank account i.e. not using PayDirect Online and thus you have an amount in your bank account without the necessary components. To see if this the case, I would be going to Banking>>Prepare Bank Deposit and seeing if you have the necessary transaction in that window. If you do you would be able to click on that and go into the Receive Payment to see who and what invoice has been paid. If you don't have that transaction in the Prepare Bank Deposit it does sound like that may have been paid external to PayDirect Online.

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