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Super portal reports are useless

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Super portal reports are useless

I have just spent 7 hours wasting my time on the super portal trying to pull up a report per employee for superannuation paid so I could reconcile the superannuation payable account.


The reason for this was that the client had missed some payments and I was trying to track what had been paid for each employee for the year.


After selecting the contributions report for the period I was looking for. I was rewarded with a bunch of what looked like csv files.


I had to negotiiate through those files and pick through weekly super amounts for each employee as it didn't even give a a total for each employee.


After hours of picking through these files and adding up the payments for each, I then went to reconcile the payments with the Superannuation payable account.


To my complete dismay, the information that I had retrieved from those files didn't match what had actually been paid. I had completely wasted a ridiculous amount of time.


My next step was to go to the payment history tab, where once again I had to pick through weekly amounts and add them up. Thank goodness these files matched the payments.


This is not good enough MYOB. There should be a report available for easy access to find how much super has been paid for each employee for any given period of time.



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Re: Super portal reports are useless

Hi @SuperPortal


I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the MYOB Super Portal and reporting.


It does sound like that you have select to go into the Contributions section of the Portal not the Reports section of the Portal.  The MYOB Super Portal allows for two reports - both run via the Reports section of the Dashboard. 



In your case, the Payments report would probably best as does give you a breakdown of the individual payments per the date filters selected. It will also provide you with a payment reference number.


Alternatively, the Contributions and Members report will show you similar information in a different format


Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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