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Attaching from the In Tray is no longer user friendly

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Attaching from the In Tray is no longer user friendly

Since the upgrade to NEW Essentials the "In Tray" function no longer works in a user friendly or efficient manner.


In the OLD Essentials, clients would upload their documents & a number would appear beside the 'In Tray' in the main header so you could easily see if documents had been received. This no longer happens in the NEW Essentials. As a result, you have the manually check for documents. This is inefficient.


In the OLD Essentials, when coding a transaction, you could go to the 'Attachments' in the drop down Allocate Me box, choose 'Link from In Tray', and if there was a document for the same amount it would highlight that document in BOLD & take it to the top of all documents uploaded. This was simple & easy to navigate. Now in the NEW Essentials, this function is no longer there - no recommendations, no BOLD, no re-ordering of documents when a client has uploaded several at once. This is VERY inefficient for the Accountant & costly for the client as it now takes us longer to do their work. 


Yes, you might suggest there is a "Search Box", but let me assure you, it doesn't work - either searching by amount, date or supplier name. So if you would like to help me go through the hundereds of documents uploaded by my client so I can find their Fuel Receipt, to get the number of litres they purchased, to correctly claim thier Diesel Fuel Rebate, then please be my guest. BUT if you really want to help, fix the In Tray functionality back to the OLD Essentials version!

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