Debtors and invoice reporting out of date in report

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Debtors and invoice reporting out of date in report

Running any of the reports does not look further than the end of the Month/Quarter that it is being run for with respect to the Top Debtors Invoice Summary and the outliers report.


Happy that the charts on the AR tab reports historically, but the invoice summary and the outliers report is out of date by the time the report is run and actually makes the whole report look bad because it cannot be relied on.  The "last payment dates" are wrong if a payment has been made after the month/quarter report date end, the invoices listed may have been paid, it is misleading and may cause things to be missed. for example, running Dec Qtr it lists an invoice of $275K  outstanding and says last payment 14 December.  Sorry, no that invoice was paid on 22 January and that was the last payment, they owe me $ 7K presently within terms.


This information is REALLY useful and something clients need to know BUT if it lists invoices that are already paid as at today when I am running it, then it is a waste of time and resources to chase debtors who have already paid and it creates unease with their clients as their staff are wasting time chasing invoices that are already paid so it looks like my client can't keep their accounting system together ( not a good reflection MYOB).  


So can I suggest that the outliers report, large invoices to pay attention to  and the top debtors invoice summary all be made to look at the debtors at the time the report is run, rather than the month/quarter the report is being run for. OR at least give me the option to run it like this.


Appreciate feedback on this

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