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Invoice number

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Invoice number

Something which has always annoyed me whilst using MYOB is how the Quotation, Order and invoice numbers are all the same (or are the same line of numbers). There is a setting which can be selected which will give the quote a new number when you change it to an order. However, this only gives it a new number which is the next number down the line, therefore eliminating the quote number.

This doesn’t work with my organisation. Reason being, I am working in a company which has always has the invoice number and the delivery docket number the same exact number. Therefore, I can’t use the same line of numbers as a quoting reference.

What I’m trying to do is to have 2 entirely separate lines of numbers, which allows multiple invoice numbers under the same quotation/Order number. The only way I see it is to have 2 separate numbers which have no connection.
Is there any way I can achieve this?
or is there a better alternate?

Please let me know.

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Re: Invoice number

Hi @Oscar2 


Welcome to the Community Forum.


If you create an invoice, and leave it as Auto #, the invoice will just use the next number in sequence regardless of layout type or if it is an order/quote/bill. 


I know some people will put in letters to help identifying the type of transactions, e.g. 0000001A is an order, 00001B is an invoice. However you will need to type the reference in as the Auto # will not remember non-numeric characters.


Alternatively you could do something like 00200001, 00300001 where 2 is a sale and 3 is an order so it keeps with the 8 digit numeric sequence. 


Let me know if you have any further questions.

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