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i have a rather important issue with myob teams app.   We have already entered our staff employment details into myob when they commenced work. Why is now this app when staff are trying to setup their log-in asking them to enter their TFN super details etc..... how crazy is that? the app also will not let the staff go further on the app until they enter their TFN super etc... they are not new employees onboarding, they are simple existing staff trying to login to request leave and check their roster.... i have had so many issues with this app, very frustrating. why would myob advertise an app that isnt designed properly as yet?  the timesheets are set to weekly? well what do companies who pay fortnightly or monthly do? also why would you have staff create a pay category for leave or different types of leave?? how silly, the management/payroll HR department has already setup pay categories correctly in the payroll, why would we allow staff to create whatever wage category the please to Smiley Happy  what is this app? i cant even get a person on the phone to discuss all of these issues, huge problematic issues....  who is going to help me?

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