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How to change the font size WITHIN Myob

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How to change the font size WITHIN Myob

Back in 2017 a user noted 

"It seemed more logical to change display settings WITHIN MYOB rather than hoping that a global Windows display setting change would suffice, going back and forth to see results, disappointed. Thanks for the reply, though..."


It still is logical and applicable - especially to us who use glasses.


I have noticed that my employers are also now squinting when looking at MYOB.  Maybe the inability to increase the font size within MYOB will force them to purchase a new programme they can actually see on screen.

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Re: How to change the font size WITHIN Myob ? You are unable to, thats the answer.

Hi @Ele 

Thanks for the feedback and altering the MYOB Community.


As you have rightly mentioned, at this time users are not able to update the default font size within AccountRight, rather it will take its default from Windows. Help Article: Fixing display issues is the help article that deals with display issues but can also be considered for font and display situations.


In saying that, AccountRight does have a browser interface now. A browser will allow users to text zoom their screen, which will, in turn, have an impact on how the AccountRight browser will display that text for most windows.

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