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MYOB is so slow and you get no help from customer service

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MYOB is so slow and you get no help from customer service

Absolute Rubbish.

After updating to the online system 2 months ago, from day 1 its been getting slower and slower. After getting the run around from customer service not knowing what they are talking about i have come to make a post and let it all out.

Firstly my computers are above spec and have the fastest internet NBN possible yet they seem to think its on my end. Not only is MYOB online slow, there web site is also slow, and not to mention phoning customer service. Taking at least 20 minutes for them to answer your call, not to mention the bad line you get and the first point of call cant help you he puts you onto to a product prfessional where you wait another 20 minutes for some to take your call, and again the person cant help you and also says i will put you through to a product professional where again you wait for another 10 minutes for them just to cut you off. STOP Putting the blame back on the customer and look at yourself for a change. Everything that is required from my end is done and yet the problem is not fixed. STOP putting me on to people who ask the same questions over and over again How old are your computers what modem do you have re install myob maybe its your anti virus etc etc etc. Same bull from any one who tries to help. You pay a monthly subscription for what????? 


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Re: MYOB is so slow and you get no help from customer service

Hi @Hitech001


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge

There is no magic bullet to improving the speed of AccountRight. Help Article: Speed and performance tips do include some tips and tricks that have worked for improving the speed of AccountRight for some clients. Please note that it doesn't work for all clients and all circumstances.

If you are finding that AccountRight is not working as intended online, you can check the company file out using the File>>Check out option. This will use a local copy of the company file, which in turn can be checked back into the cloud at a later stage (File>>Check in). I would recommend checking the file out if you attempting to complete a large task in the company file i.e. running a large report.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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