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Programs Blocked

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Programs Blocked

First time I have posted on here and first time this has happened to me.  I am abit worried about this msg showing up on my laptop saying "Program Blocked".  I have never experienced this before in the last 6 years, so I just want to check and make sure it is legit before I unblock it.   I am just paranoid especially with all the reported hacking on the news, and worried whether this has disguised itself under familiar program names.  In previous circumstances, I would normally accept because it is MYOB.  But this is a little bit different.


Do I unblock this?  Please refer to file attached with photo msg showing up on my laptop.  

Targeted file is Clearwater - this is not my company business name.  


Is it safe to unblock this or is this dangerous?  Please confirm.

myob unblock msg 1x.png

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Re: Programs Blocked

Hi @2010SJA


First of all, welcome to the MYOB Community forum!


Basing on the the screenshot that you posted the stuff that are being blocked by your anti-virus are not entirely essential to the processes of the AccountRight program. Clearwater is a sample company included in the package for practice/training purposes while the add-on connector is a component that connects a compatible third-party program to your AccountRight file.


Ideally, all MYOB-related resources must have excemptions setup in your anti-virus to ensure optimum performance of your MYOB product however, unless you use the sample company on a regular basis or use a compatible third-party program alongside your AccountRight then I don't see any need to unblock them given that keeping them blocked will not cause your process any grief.


Let us know how you get on!



Kind regards,
Client Support Representative

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