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Bank Feed bank account



Since the new upgrade, I have noticed when matching receipts via the bank feed screen, the cursor in the receive payments window defaults to the "deposit to Account" field. Since I am doing the bank feeds for a particluar account, why would I want to change the deposit to account field. If I do change it then that bank account will not reconcile. So it seems a strange change to have made in the update. Prior to the update the cursor defaulted to the customer field, which made a lot of sense since Receive payments is to allocate a receipt to a particular customer. So the first thing you want to do is enter the customer's name. Now you have to tab or use your mouse to click into the customer field.


And several upgrades ago, I mentioned a similar issue in the pay bill feature from the bank feed - rather than having the cursor sit in the Supplier field like it used to do, it just disappears now so you need to use your mouse to click into the supplier field. When I mentioned this on the phone to a MYOB staff member, they said it was a useful labour saving change if the cursor did go the supplier field, but nothing has been done to change it and save MYOB users time. That was about 8 months ago.


Is there any chance that the cursor can go to the supplier name when selecting Pay Bills in Bank Feeds, and the cursor can go to the Customer field when selecting Receive Payments in Bank Feeds?

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Re: Bank Feed bank account

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