Cant open a newer company file in a older version of AccountRight

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Cant open a newer company file in a older version of AccountRight

Hello My name is Jaemes,

i opened a Company file from AccountRight plus 2013.5 in AccountRight 2018 and used it in V2018 for awhile but then i found out that i didnt have a subscripion for that version, so i desided to go back to accountRight plus 2013.5, but when i went to open my company file in AccountRight plus 2013.5 it came up with a error message saying "To open this company file you need AcountRight Plus v2013.5", even tho thats the version that i was in.

Please help me to slove this problem i will have a screenshot below of the error message.

Thanks Jaemes2019-01-05 (1).png

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Re: Cant open a newer company file in a older version of AccountRight

Hi @MakersMark


When you have upgraded a file to a newer version of the 20xx.x series, this will ensure that this file is set in the new versions database format. As new versions can add new tables and indexes to the database that was not present in the old versions. 


This would mean you cannot use a newer 20xx.x file with an older format, such as in your case you cannot use a v2018 file in v2013.


In your case, you would need to return to a copy of the file before it was upgraded to continue usage. This would mean any data in 2018 would need to be re-entered (or re-imported).


Typically when you upgrade between these versions locally it would create a backup of the file automatically, see my post on this thread: Opening a company file from Accountright 2017 in 2016 version


That said, if you go back to an older version of the file you may find that the file will no longer confirm as it was upgraded and our systems might have locked the file. If you're not able to confirm after opening the older file, let me know by sending me a Private Message with:

  • The MYOB Serial Number (Found in: Setup > Company Information)
  • The Company File ID (Found in: Help > About MYOB AccountRight)

You can send me a Private Message by clicking this link: <link removed>

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