How to move only recent year file to a new MYOB account. Online file too big, Myob respond too slow

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Re: How to move only recent year file to a new MYOB account. Online file too big, Myob respond too slow

Thanks @The_Doc your insights are always very helpful.   I agree with you in regards to speed MYOB will fix it they have too.  I am using AccountRight Live daily and each upgrade I notice improvements.     Unfortunately if huge files are years old and large in the current state there will be issues with speed on AR Live.  However I have seen the same files on V19 preform slower especially around running reports. 


Unfortunately these clients with old large files can't afford to wait and that is why if it is painful I suggest starting a brand new file from scratch.   I have done this many times in this situation and the client is always happy with the end result.  


However, on the same note I have fixed massive messes as well when clients or even bookkeepers try to start the new file themselves hence my recommendation to seek an expert to help them.  


The exercise is costly as well as it takes time to export, import and setting up opening balances requires an expert and collaboration with the accountant. 


Not seeking expert help will cost the company more money in the long run having to then engage an expert to fix it all up sometimes months down the track.  Likewise, not seeking expert help to train users has the same impact.  


Large businesses can't afford to pay staff to sit around waiting for the cog to spin and yet they can't afford not engage experts assist them as well.  If the business is serious about improving performance they need to view it as an investment.


It is the same concept do you still use the old Nokia Brick Phone or have you upgraded to a Smart phone. Overtime software and equipment needs to be upgraded, refreshed and replaced.  




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