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MPOWER configuration with MYOB AccountRight 2018_4

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MPOWER configuration with MYOB AccountRight 2018_4

Hi All,


I have recently joined this organization and we need to migrate from MYOB V19 to AccountRight 2018_4. Users currently have MPower to automatically fetch data for invoices and I am not sure how to configure MPower for AccountRight 2018_4. Any help/ suggestion will be highly appreciated please.

MYOB Product Team Haydes
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Re: MPOWER configuration with MYOB AccountRight 2018_4

Hi @mimran


As M-Powered is a suite of services the information could change depending on the exact service you're referring to. From your description: 

@mimran wrote:

Users currently have MPower to automatically fetch data for invoices

This sounds like the M-Powered Invoices service and I'll assume this is the case for the rest of my post, if I've assumed incorrectly and you use something else please let me know.


After the Upgrade from V19 to AccountRight 2018, you will need to bring across your Custom Forms as an extra step. See: Upgrade task - migrating personalised forms


Then I suggest double checking that you have the relevant Payee# entered in Setup > Company Information so that the Invoices generate the relevant Payment Reference#'s to be used.


With that said I would like to mention that M-Powered Invoices does still work with AccountRight 2018 however there are a few changes. The biggest change is the lack of ability to import payments from a myc file like you could in V19. In AccountRight 2018 you will need to enter the payments manually for the Invoices that were paid based on a Statement provided by the services team.


What I recommend is taking a look at my post: M-Powered Services and the new AccountRight, I list what the future of M-Powered is coming to as well as links to alternative services in AccountRight 2018 including an alternative to M-Powered Invoices that might be useful to your situation.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


MYOB Product Team
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