Migrate forms

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Migrate forms

Hi Team,


I have  completerd migrate forms procedure.

but the forms that I have migrated were very old ones which saved in the folder 

The migrate form folder is saved together with back up files every day.

I have checked those backed up file and I have found that those forms were saved long time ago 

I have made changes for the forms recently and when I use v19.16 there was no problem for the forms (recent form appear)

I think I need to save forms that I have made changes recently in some folder then migrate this forms to new AccountRight 2019.2.


Otherwise, I have to make changes to all forms like invoice(there are many invoice forms ig: with price , without price, order invoice, printing version, e-mail version etc) and many other forms maybe.

It is just not that technical way to manage to change all this .


why do you guys make things can happen at the same time.

I measn if I change the form then chaged fitures will be reflected to all forms. 


Please let me know what to do about migrate forms that I have made changes recently but won't saved.


Thank you. 



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Re: Migrate forms

Hello @Skipio_account 


Thank you for your post.  I am sorry that you have had problems with form migration.


If you have been changing forms that are in v19 (AccountRight Classic), then you will need to migrate the changed forms again to 2019.2 (AccountRight Live). 


The reason for this is that these two software programs work differently.  This is why you would have had to migrate your old v19 forms when you made the change to 2019.2 to turn them into 2019.2 forms.


As these would replace the existing 2019.2 forms, just delete the 2019.2 forms (that were before the changed, newer v19 forms) and then migrate your newest changed forms.


If you wanted to make changes to the forms in the future, and do not want to go through all the migration processes, you would want to modify the forms within 2019.2.


I hope that explains things more, and apologies if the process and reasons were causing frustrations for you.


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