Preparing your company file for upgrading

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Preparing your company file for upgrading

Hi Everyone


When its time to upgrade to AccountRight 2018, there are a few things you can do in terms of preparation to get the best possible experience out of your file post upgrade. Although these aren’t mandatory, they are worth doing as they can give a much better post upgrade experience




When you roll your financial year, you do have the option to purge old closed transactions, which helps keep the size of your file down. This can also be done at any point during the year and is a great thing to do before upgrading to AccountRight 2018 as well.


To do a mid year purge, select the command centre icon that you want to purge and then go to File >> Purge. This will bring up the purge window allowing you to purge information based off what command centre icon you had selected. To purge across all areas of your file you will need to select each of the different command centre icons one at a time.


By purging older information, it does remove it from the file, which reduces the size of your file. The smaller your file is, the less time it will take to upgrade your file and the more responsive your file will be in AccountRight 2018



After you have purged any old transactions that you no longer want to keep, its always good to ensure that your file is in tip top shape. This can be done by verifying and optimising your company file.


Verifying your company file is done by going to File >> Verify Company File. This runs a little error checker over the company file, looking for a number of little issues that can cause problems later on. If this comes back with no errors found, then you know you don’t have to worry about there being issues with the pre-upgrade data.


Optimising the company file on the other hand is a little different. This is designed to rebuild your datafile and in doing so recover from a number of those little issues that the verification tool detected. Even if the verification tool didn’t detect any issues, its still worth optimising your company file to get it as small as possible before upgrading.


To optimise your file in AccountRight v19, please go to File >> Optimise Company File. We recommend doing this on the computer that hosts the file, rather than across any networks. This helps avoid any network hiccups and will be faster than optimising over the network. As you can’t use your file while its optimising, you may want to do this overnight or at a point in time when your file won’t be used.



One thing that gets overlooked from time to time are the unprocessed transactions, things like bank deposits and old electronic payments. Having all of these in the file can bog it down prior to upgrading and when you do upgrade they will come through as well.


Check out our help article, Processing transactions before upgrading to the new AccountRight. This article goes through how to check for and process these overlooked transactions to get them out of your file, giving you a smoother run after upgrading to the new AccountRight



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