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Problem with backup

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Problem with backup

Can someone please explain why, when I try to do a backup, somethines it comes up with "Before you can start this task, you need to close all windows and return to the Command Centre". 

I have closed all windows and I am in the Command Centre to each time I ask for a backup, all I get is this stupid message. Considering how long it takes to do a backup, I'm seriously thnking of stopping doing backups although I know this is just asking for trouble.


I have been using MYOB from 1999 and always loved using it but latest version I was using was AccountRight V19.13. I have now got a new client and they use AccountRight 2019.2 and I find it slow, clumsy and very user unfriendly as well as requiring you to have your phone handy for security purposes.

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Re: Problem with backup



Basically the MYOB developers are lazy and have no concept of programming.


They display that stupid error messgae all over the AR20xx without acutally checking what is open.

If there is more then one window open they display the Warning Box.

They don't check to see how many users are logged in, they don't check to see if other users are backing up or making changes that could effect the backup.


Like I said, the developers are clueless without guidence.


Rather then show the error messgae, they should be ensuring that no open windows that has data is closed without saving.  Be it a purchase order, customer payment or sales invoice.

They should take you to that window for you to close or cancel.


Like I said clueless with no care for loss of data.

Same goes for all Error messages we see each day, especially the out of memory errors

Out of Memory Error no chance to save an work in progress in open Windows.


Like I said clueless developers and a company that does care about the loss of data.

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Re: Problem with backup

Hi @CoCoSan 


From memory, you can encounter that message when you have had a recurring transaction recorded and the system is still maintaining that instance of the window. It can happen at other times as well.


In the cases, I have seen going to Windows>>Close All before completing that backup process will ensure that all windows including hidden windows are closed to allow that backup process to be started.

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