Upgrading larger data files

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Upgrading larger data files

Hi Everyone


If you have gone through everything we recommend in order to prepare your company file for upgrading to AccountRight and your file is still relatively large, say 500 mb or bigger, then you may want to consider starting a new file as opposed to upgrading the existing file.


When you upgrade a company file, everything in that file gets upgraded. Sure, this will upgrade all of your existing transactions, but what about all of those customer cards for customers you haven’t sold to in years? Or all those items you haven’t stocked in forever?


Starting a new file prior to upgrading

By starting a brand-new file, it gives you a chance to have a full clean out of all those old cards, accounts and items that you’re no longer going to use going forwards. This can be a great way to reduce the size of your file to get better performance in AccountRight 201X.


So, what’s the best way to remove all of the old information? One of the easiest is start a file in the same AccountRight v19 program as your using. Because we are going to be exporting and importing from the same program, there won’t be any issues around.


Using the File >> Export Data tool you can export out your accounts list, card file or items list and save the exported document on your desktop. This exported file can then be opened in a program like Excel and the older, no longer used items can be deleted out of the import file. Once all of the old items have been deleted then you can save the import file again, before importing it into your new AccountRight v19 file


Please note that not everything can be exported from a file. Payroll records and bank reconciliations for example cannot be exported and will need to be redone in the new file.



Upgrading offline


If you didn’t want to start a brand-new file, it might be worth upgrading the file offline. By running the file offline, as opposed to being on the cloud you may have a better experience than operating the same file online. To think of it another way thinks of each point the data has to pass through as a cog. If the file is stored just locally on your computer, then that’s just one cog so quicker to turn.


In contrast if the files online then the data’s got to go from the online server, through the internet to your connection and computer, which is significantly more cogs and thus potentially it’ll take longer for the data to get from one end to the other.


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