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USD Foreign Currency General Ledger Balance Incorrect

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USD Foreign Currency General Ledger Balance Incorrect

Hi All,

I have tried to find an answer on the community posts btu coudln't find one.


Last month we updagraded and converted to usign Mutli Currency as most of our supplier purchases are in USD.

We use MYOB Account Right Premier AU 2019.2.0


I have set up a USD Bank Account and have processed tranactions through the account.


The Account Detail screen shows the correct USD Balance in the account USD267.91 however the Charts of accounts screen is not showing the correct converted to AUD balance and when I run the Balance sheet report is is showing as the same AUD balance is the Chart of Accounts Screen AUD $1866.92.  

Based on the rate that is in MYOb for USD 0.69209738 the converted balance should be AUD387.09  - Difference of $1479.83


Can someone please advise if there is something I need to do to adjsut the G/L converted balance or is this a glitch in MYOB?


Any assistance is appreciated as we rely on the converted amounts to be correct for management reporting.




Accounts Screen.JPG
Account Detail screen.JPG
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