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GST - preparation report

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GST - preparation report

We have some Exempt Sales and Purchases.  The Card File is set up as E for this customer.  And on the purchases side - when there is an exempt Gst line - we enter accordingly E.

When printing the Gst preparaton form.  Does the total sales include the customers overall sale, and does the Gst figure show only the Gst portions of sales. I need to know if I should be adjusting.

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Re: GST - preparation report

Hi @CCNaturals,


The GST Return report would automatically pick the correct GSTtotals if the correct GST codes are used. There are no adjustments needed if you have E code used according to what your posts.


To be very sure I would o be very sure I would recommend you to check your transactions in GST Detail - Invoice or GST Detail -Payment basis) report from Reports>>Index to Reports>>GST.  The transactions are categorised according to the GST codes you have used and check your totals for GST Collected and GST Paid for S15. Check this with the GST report to see if it has flowed correctly. 


Please let us know how you go! We are happy to help if you have any further questions!Smiley Happy

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