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Holiday Pay Annual Leave

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Holiday Pay Annual Leave

Hi I think I have a problem with annual leave

I selected NZ Payroll for post but keeps going to GST


My employee started work January 2016 as a casuall who comes in to mow the orchar as required. He works hours to suit him as he is a pensioner so rarely worksd more than 3 hours in any one day. I pay on a fortnightly basis when he works

In April this year he was shown as having Holiday  pay due of $42.45 and 9 hours annual leaveNext pay which was in June the holiday pay was $10.08 and Annual Leave 41 hours

I was going to pay out  thr leave foto him but the latest pay sliop shows holiday pay at $52.29 and annual leave 41 hours

I first enterred holiday pay but payroll has taken the $52.29 as hours  suggesting a payment of $2734.27


Looking at the annual leave  it comes to $645.75 His total  gross earnings over the employment period have only be $1686.48 so I am wondering if payroll is callculating on basis of working every week?

payslips and the his

AS I started to look into the figures I noted that there is a varience between the pay history


I would appreciate any help I can be given either to confirm the amount to pay is correct or to make necessary corrections

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Re: Holiday Pay Annual Leave

Hi @kno


I would be reviewing the employment status of the employee i.e. whether they are a casual employee or a part-time employee.

If they are a casual employee they would only be required to pay out holiday pay for the employee (enter a 1 in the quantity column for Holiday Pay). If they are a casual employee you would need to go into the Leave Details tab of Maintain Employees and ensure that you have 0.00 showing in the Normal Hours per week, this will ensure that they don't accrue any annual leave and are deemed to be a true casual.


If they are a parttime employee then you would just need to pay the employee's annual leave. The annual leave for the employee would accrue based on the number of hours set in the Normal Hours per week field. 

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