Annual Leave Available

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Annual Leave Available

I have paid my employee leave as it has accrued rather than waiting til the 1st year anniversary for it to be available.  When moving from ACE Payroll over to MYOB Essentials I have inut 14.44 hours as being what is available.  And since then have paid out 16 hours of Annual Leave.  The payslip says that Annual Leave Available for this employee is -16.00 hours.  Is this because the employee hasn't had their 1st year anniversary yet and is using leave as it becomes available?  In ACE Payroll the system used to just advise what had accrued and what was available after leave had been taken and not show this information on the payslip. When I look up the information on the employee file in MYOB Essentials is says Current Balance Available is -16 hrs, Current Part Year Balance 18.13hrs.  However when I look up leave owing in ACE Payroll the current leave balance equates to 2.3 hrs.  So the two systems dont balance.  I have only done 2 pay runs in MYOB Essentials and am finding it confusing as it doesnt balance back to ACE Payroll.

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Re: Annual Leave Available

Hi @KelzGPaw1

I don't do much Ace Payroll, but from memory it accrues the leave each pay to show an amount owing, where as Essentials only shows annual leave as what was owing from the year before - plus it shows accrued leave as accruing for the current year.. So the annual leave will show a negative if it has been taken in advance, but then take off the accrued, and it should balance to the total leave owing. It will all come out in the wash once their anniversary rolls over

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