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Annual Leave available - vs Annual Leave Accruing

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Annual Leave available - vs Annual Leave Accruing

HELP - A staff member has enquired as to how much leave they have available. My system shows

Annual leave available -72.00 hours

Annual leave accruing 169.23 hours

No matter how hard I try I cant get my head around this! Do they have leave available - or not - and if so - how much!? arghhh thanks in advance Smiley Happy  Yes I have tried google also - to no avail.



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Re: Annual Leave available - vs Annual Leave Accruing

Hi @Jo-ann


Annual leave in New Zealand works based on an entitlement anniversary date, this date typically being 12 months from their start date. What happens is that for the first 12 months an employee will not be entitled to annual leave (technically holiday pay instead). Once that 12 months has elapsed their first lot of annual leave entitlement will roll over and they will receive their full annual leave entitlement (less any taken in the first 12 months). 


In terms of showing those values on the payslip MYOB Essentials will have two fields; Annual leave available and Annual leave accruing.


  • Annual leave available is the hours that the entitlement has received from previous year's entitlement. In your example, this is a negative value which will indicate either the employee has not been working 12 months and has yet to receive their first entitlement renewal or they have been paid more leave than they are entitled to.
  • Annual leave accrued is the estimated hours that the employee has accrued since their last anniversary date.  Its worked from a calculation based the number of weeks between the current date and the last anniversary date of the employee and the annual leave entitlement hours of the employee. In your case, as it is a higher number I would assume the employee is relatively close to their annual leave anniversary date.

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Re: Annual Leave available - vs Annual Leave Accruing

Hi @Jo-ann

So the answer is 169.23 hours less 72 hours paid in advance - leaves a balance in accrued leave - which is technically not due until the next anniversary date. You can certainly pay in advance - but this comes off the leave for next year

Jennie Kingma
JK Business Systems Ltd, Hamilton, NZ
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