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Automated Journals

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Automated Journals

Can someone please advise HOW the Summary totals collate to generate the figures imported ito accounting.


It would be REALLY nice  if the figues at the bootoms actually totalled to the same figures that are seen in the accounting journal..



Totals for pay:

               Gross       Taxable       PRE tax     PAYE    Non Tax      post-tax     Payments Employer  ESCT

               Earnings allowances Deduction               Allowance  deduction                     super

               14040.00             0.00         0.00 3069.89 99.00               789.06  10280.05      421.38    112.36


CHQ                                                             3069.89                          709.06                       421.38

D/Credit                                                                                               80.00  10280.05              


Given I have 3 Cost centres I have some figues I know to seperate , however I am unable to fathom how the PAYE figure is generated... AND why it is not more clear.

My jnl looks like this:

1-1110                         CR 10360.05

1-1120     DR  759.00

2-1208                           CR 130.00

2-1420                         CR 4070.36 !!!!

5-2500 DR   11721.41

6-7020      DR 80.00

6-7020 DR 2000.00


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Re: Automated Journals

Hi @SDM_Nicola

When it does come to integrating into AccountRight from New Zealand Payroll it is fully customiseable and allows the user to select to split the values into 2 accounts or each individual portion into it's own code. So there is no hard and fast way into which values will go into which account. Without getting the file/each individual values by paycode it can be hard to diagnose what is occurring.

Generally you would have you payments going into the bank account, a PAYE value, a KiwiSaver value and an expense. In most cases if the allocation is not fully done, i.e. each value doesn't have a value it will go into a liability account.

In your case I would assume based on the exclamation marks that you are referring to the 2-1420 value. This looks to be a combination of PAYE and KiwiSaver values. I would be looking into going to Maintain Pay Codes>>Other tab for your PAYE and similar pay codes to ensure that you have the correct account set in the Other tab>>General Ledger Liability Code. Along with that I would also check your KiwiSaver pay code setup as this does have two sections your General Ledger Liability code and also a default Department/Cost Centre in the Super Tab (for the employer expense).

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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