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Holiday Days not Carried forward

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Holiday Days not Carried forward

One year (2012) Holidays weren't rolled over correctly and the days not carried forward. The dollar calculations are OK. When I adjust the opening Annual Leave Due days it apears to change the dollar amounts, which are already correct. How can we correct this?

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Re: Holiday Days not Carried forward

Hi there,

Which payroll are you using? NZ Payroll or Exo?

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Re: Holiday Days not Carried forward


Generally when you have setup the employee you would need to make sure that the Start Date is the same day and month as the Next Holiday Anniversary . For example if the Start Date is 1/02/2015 the Next Holiday Anniversary dates need to be 01/02/20xx (the year is not required to be the same). If this is not done correctly, when the employee reaches their holiday anniversary it can not roll correctly and therefore have incorrect amounts.

In regards to correcting normally you would manually recalculate the annual leave.  Below is the recommend process it comes off Support Note: Holiday pay paid out in error in Payroll

"1.Go to the Reports menu and choose Period Reports then choose by Pay Code Analysis.
2.Select only the Annual Leave (ANHL) and Holiday Pay (HP) codes then click Next.
3.Select the relevant employee then click Next.
4.Leave all pay periods selected then click Finish.
5.Click Preview or Print.
6.Look through the report for the totals for Annual Leave (ANHL), and Holiday Pay (HP).
7.Write down the Quantity of Hours for Annual Leave.
8.Write down the total figure for Holiday Pay - this should have gone through as Annual Leave.
9.Locate the employee's start date and work out how much leave they were entitled to. In the example below, we are using a start date of 16/04/07.
16/04/07 to 16/04/08 =160
16/04/08 to 16/04/09 =160
16/04/09 to 16/04/10 = 160
16/04/10 to current date = Holiday Pay
In this example the employee is entitled to 480 hours (160 X 3) up until their last anniversary, less any annual leave already taken.
10.Enter the Annual Leave figure into the Annual Leave Due as at field and then check that the correct total transfers down to the Current Annual Leave Due field. Please note that any Annual Leave taken since the employee's holiday anniversary date (and processed correctly through the payroll) will be accounted for in the [Annual Leave taken since] field.
Note: It may be necessary on occasions, where the leave has been paid in advance, for this amount to be entered as a negative."

However you mentioned that you when you are adjusting the Annual Leave Due as that the dollar value is changing. This would be correct as you are giving the employee move leave than what they had previously. Therefore it is going to increase the current annual leave due days/hours which when multiplied by the annual leave rate will give you a total leave available dollar value.

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