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MYOB Essentials Payroll vs MYOB Payroll

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MYOB Essentials Payroll vs MYOB Payroll

Hi all,

So moved to MYOB Essentials Payroll from MYOB Payroll & totally regret it!! Time waster big time!! Smiley Sad

- No integration with MYOB AccountRight which stuffs up EOY finances with Accountant. 

- Respective MYOB transition guru's for MYOB Essentials didn't set up all correctly in export from MYOB Payroll to the Essentials Payroll. 

- Moving from MYOB PAYROLL to MYOB Essentials Payroll.....a couple of "salary" based employees were set up as "wages" stuffing up the amount paid within Payroll. 

- Holiday accruals were totally different for two employees trying to finish up as Final Pays.....didn't match MYOB Payroll, ended up paying more than what they were due!

- MYOB Essentials Payroll only doesn't give you a backup option or export files option (to transfer back to MYOB Payroll is my issue).

- Does'nt give you the option to revert pay run to fix any issues once filed to irFILE (Xero does).

- Put in for 2 days sick leave for 1 employee, it doubled their sick leave payment to 4 days!  Can't revert payrun to fix!)  Have to deduct off their next wage payment.  So messy & inconsistent, hard to work with for exact results.

- Doesn't integrate with MYOB AccountRight which MYOB Payroll does, helps with EOY Financial reports & filing.

- Can't export Payroll data to revert back to MYOB Payroll

- Inconsistensies with Annual leave - Holiday pay with MYOB Essentials Payroll compared to MOYOB Payroll

Do not recommend for small businesses using MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Payroll to transfer to MYOB Essentials Payoll!


I would love to hear from a MYOB Consultant to rectify issuses & definately remote help to rectify the issues I'm having right now to reinstate the last 2 pays filed from MYOB Essentials Payroll back to MYOB Payroll????


I look forward to a reply/response.  #very tired & frustrated trying to sort... a lot of time wasted!

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Re: MYOB Essentials Payroll vs MYOB Payroll

Hi @HelpLisa 


Sorry to hear that you are not loving your MYOB Essentials Payroll.

As you may be aware MYOB Payroll Desktop is an older product and thus we do encourage customers on that platform to look at migrating to one of our other payroll solutions. MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business is the ideal candidate for those smaller employers whereas PayGobal would be our recommendation for much larger/complex businesses.


To address some of the points that you have indicated:


  • MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business Payroll is designed to integrate into MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business accounts. If you are using AccountRight, it would be a manual process to bring over those journal entries. This is not an automated function with AccountRight.

  • Unlike MYOB Payroll Desktop, the data in MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business Payroll is treated as "live data" thus does mean that you are not able to take backups of the data. If you do make an error with your data you should be deleting that pay and reprocessing it OR making a correct pay in the same or similar payrun. 

  • As irFiling/Payday filing is a live function, any pay processed in MYOB Essentials Payroll will automatically flow through to the IRD. Should you need to make a correction with your pay i.e. a deletion of that pay run, you would be looking at navigating to myIR and deleting that record at the IRDs end.

  • In terms of paying leave, when processing leave for an employee you would select the Add holidays or leave button within the Enter pay window, select the appropriate leave type and enter the required information. Depending on the leave, days would be required whereas hours would be entered for others.

In terms of the migration of data and individual cases, we do recommend replying to the migration team's email so that they can review the data and your individual queries with respect to the data.

Kind regards,

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Re: MYOB Essentials Payroll vs MYOB Payroll

Hi @HelpLisa 

Happy to help you if required.

We use both MYOB Payrioll and Essentials Payroll - depends on the client circumstances.


Jennie Kingma
JK Business Systems Ltd, Hamilton, NZ

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