Sick leave accrual

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Sick leave accrual

The sick leave does not appear to be accruing, I may not have it set up properly. On the rollover over the anniversary date the total days available is showing as 0 when it should show 5 days. I have it set up that annual entitlement is 5 days, maximum accrual is 5 days, is this correct? 


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Re: Sick leave accrual

Hi @roch 


An employee will typically start to accrue sick leave from 6 months after their start date. This particular date would be their Sick Leave Anniversary date and will be shown in the Maintain Employees>>Leave Detials>>Other Leave>>Sick Leave section within MYOB Payroll NZ (Desktop).


On their Sick Leave Anniversary date their Annual Sick Leave Entitlement will be added to the Current Sick Leave Due value. Note: the Current Sick Leave Due will not exceed the Maximum Sick Leave Entitlement.

Should you be finding that the employee doesn't have any sick leave when you expect they should, I would recommend ensuring that their Sick Leave Anniversary date is set 6 months out from their start date -disregard the year. For example, if their start date is 28/01/xxxx, the Sick Leave Anniversary date should be 28/07/xxxx. If that setting is correct, it is likely that the Sick Leave was not set up correctly at the time of setting up the employee, and manually calculating the Current Sick Leave Due would be recommended. This can be done by calculating the number of sick leave anniversaries the employee has passed multiplied by the Annual sick leave entitlement of that employee less what has been taken. Once manually calculated, enter it into the Current Sick Leave Due.

You also mentioned that you have set the Maximum Sick Leave Entitlement typically this would be 20 days (4 x 5 days a year). As such, I would recommend reviewing that value and potentially seeking further guidance for Employment NZ or other sources for more information on that topic to ensure it is set appropriately.

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