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Pay Item Order



I have added allowances to an employee, but no matter what I do, the allowances appear before the Time & Half Pay item which is a Standard Earning. I want the allowances to appear AFTER the Time & Half Earning.


At the suggestion of help desk staff I have tried numbering the items to get them in the order I want. I have tried naming them in alphabetical order to appear in the order I want them too. I have tried deleting them, setting them up again and adding them in the order I want them to appear. I was advised last week that this was tested while I was on the phone with the help desk and it worked. I have just tried it again and it does not work. As soon as I click the "save" button, it reorders them so the Allowances appear before the Standard Earnings.


I have previously posted here, and with no helpful solution the thread was just closed (not by me).


I am getting calls from MYOB sales team to move another client onto MYOB payroll, but I don't want to do this I until I can find a resolution to something that should be simple? Can someone please help me to find a way to order pay items in the item I want to. 



Time and Half - Standard Earning - Per Hour - Taxable

Call Out Allowance - Allowance - Per Unit - Taxable

Out of Town Allowance - Allowance - Per Unit Taxable


Whenever I save it moves the Time and Half Standard Earning to the bottom.


Any help would be appreciated. Please don't close the thread without a resolution.


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