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sending bill documentation to myob

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sending bill documentation to myob

Hi. Is it possible to add an invoice that I have received into my MYOB account via email? It looks like the only solution is to save it to my computer and then upload. Other software lets you forward emails to then match against entries in the bank account or generate payments agains.


Can anyone help? thanks

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Re: sending bill documentation to myob

Hi @kathy1 


In MYOB Essentials you are able to generate an Email so that you can set up rules to forward emails to your MYOB In Tray address so that your documents can be uploaded to In Tray.


Here's the best support note that can take you through the setup: Working with in tray documents


In short; Once you set up your In Tray address (Usually set up for you, you just need to copy it) then you can either set up forwarding rules on your Mail Server/Client or provide that as the email for Invoices to be sent to for your suppliers to send it direct to In Tray.


With that said, there are some suppliers that can just automatically send Bills to your In Tray without the use of emailing, here's a good link to this: Automating supplier invoices


If you have any questions along the way, feel free to post it here.

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Re: sending bill documentation to myob and payments

Hello - I am new to MYOB. I am using Receiptme to upload my receipts. I have to go into receipt me and allocate account code, prior to publishing. This is all good.


I then go into MYOB and find that some of the receipts have been matched to the bank transactions - again this is all good.


Problem I have, is even if a receipt has been matched to a bank transaction, it still remains in BILLs as overdue.

If I manually pay it, then I get a double transaction.

Can you help me please?


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