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Bank Feeds and allowing another user to download them

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Bank Feeds and allowing another user to download them

I have a client for which I am an Administrator on the online company file.  The client is obviously the owner of the file. I set-upbank feeds for the company file with their main trading bank account.  The bank feeds work fine when you click on Get Bank Transactions and I enter my login details.  However when we enter the owners log in details the bank feeds do not work.  Is there something I am missinghere?  Do I need to add their user as a bank feeds administrator?  Or do we have to register their user for Bank feeds in a whole new process with the bank?



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Re: Bank Feeds and allowing another user to download them

Hi @MichaelBHW


Without taking a look at the account and the knowing the email address that the client is using to log in with along with the message that gets generated it is a little hard to see that true story of what is occurring with those bank feeds. If you would like to send a private message with this information to myself via the Community Forum I would be happy to look into it further for you.

In saying that I would recommend ensuring that the client is indeed using the AccountRight Live Owner email address and password. Also make sure that the email address is being entered in lower case i.e not EMAIL@EMAIL.COM, this can cause an error message when attempting to retrieve those bank feeds.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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