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Converting customised templates from Quotes to Invoices and vice-versa in JustInvoices

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Converting customised templates from Quotes to Invoices and vice-versa in JustInvoices

Hi all,


We understand that there would be instances where you've designed your own Invoice template and want to create a matching Quote template (or vice-versa), you don't have to "start from scratch". 


This article will guide you through the process of copying and renaming your template so as to change it into the type of sales template you'd like.  You will be able to easily convert a JustInvoices Quote template into an Invoice template or conversely, an Invoice template into a Quote template.


When you create a customised JustInvoices template, it is saved in a folder called Designs within the Databases sub-folder of the JustInvoices program folder. Invoice templates have INV as the last part of the file name (file extension). Quote templates have EST as the three letter file extension. These extensions tell JustInvoices whether they are used for printing quotes or invoices.


The steps below demonstrate how to make a copy of the template and change the file name extension from INV to EST.


Task 1 - Make a duplicate of the existing template you want to replicate


1. Go to the Sales command centre and click Sales/Quotes.


2. In the top left area of the sale entry screen, make sure you select the sale Type that uses your existing template. The choices are Tax Invoice, Quote or Finance Charge


3. Follow the steps below and refer to the image to duplicate design.


Invoices 1.jpg


4. Click the Select Invoice Design button from the Sales entry screen.

5. Click My Designs in the Select a Design window.

6. Click the template on which you want to base your quote (or invoice).

7. Click the Duplicate Design button.

8. Enter a name for the new template which will be easy to identify in Windows Explorer. When you click OK to the prompt for the name of this template copy, your design selection window will look like this:


Invoice 2.jpg


9. Click OK and close out of the sales entry screen. Though not mandatory, it is also advisable to close JustInvoices at this point.


Task 2 - Changing the last three letters of the duplicate template file created in Task 1


1. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Windows Start button and choosing Explore.


2. Double-click your Local Disk C:\ or the drive where you have installed JustInvoices.


3. Double-click and open the JustInvoices folder. If you have chosen the default installation path, you'll find it in C:\Program Files\MYOB JustInvoices.


4. Double-click the Databases folder then double-click the Designs folder.


 Invoices 3.jpg


5. You should see a file with a name matching what you have entered at Task 1 Step 5. Right-click the file and choose Rename.

If you are changing an Invoice to a Quote: change the INV part of the name to EST.
If you are changing a Quote to an Invoice: change the EST part of the name to INV.

If you receive a warning to say the file may become unusable due to changing the extension, disregard it and click Yes to go ahead with your change.


Close Windows Explorer and re-open JustInvoices


When you first select the newly converted template, you may find that it does not show the preview in the left pane of the Select a Design window. Click the Edit Design button, then close the Design window and click Yes to the prompt to save any changes. (This will appear whether or not you make any change the first time you go to edit the converted template).


Invoices 4.jpg


You will then be able to work with the template as normal!


Invoices 5.jpg


I hope this helps. Should you have any queries about this or any other aspect of working with JustInvoices, please post your question on this forum. One of our community members would be happy to assist.   

Suja Pillai

Social Support and Community Manager

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