Processed Electronic payment deleted and cant clear electronic clearing account

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Processed Electronic payment deleted and cant clear electronic clearing account

Hi There


My client processed wages electronically but accidentally selected the wrong bank account to pay from.

(Main account one selected but file actually paid from main account two)


The wages have been physically paid via main account two but MYOB has included as main account one.


The live feeds have come through with the wages in main account two, which is correct and will need to be reconciled (presumably by allocated this to the electronic clearing account).


The client has, in their ultimate wisdom, decided to delete the electronic payment from the main account one and now has a batch of payments that they can't delete from the electronic clearing account.


They also have the payment to allocate in the main account two, which is correct.


I can get them to allocate the payment from main account two to the electronic clearing account, however, this still does not remove the batch of net wages still sitting in the 'prepare electronic payments' section.


What is the best way to clear out the electronic payments, without affecting the wages or creating a bank file?


Thank you for your help

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Re: Processed Electronic payment deleted and cant clear electronic clearing account

Hello @Jules01


Deleting the electronic payment transaction from the incorrect account (as your client has done) and recording a new one against the correct account is the correct process to fix this mistake. This will change the bank account the payment is listed against without changing the payroll transactions in any way.


Creating an ABA file doesn't cause that ABA file to be sent to, and processed by the bank, and the electronic payment transaction can actually be recorded without creating the ABA file at all, if you wish.


Your client just needs to go to banking and click 'prepare electronic payments.' Here they tick all of the payroll transactions from the deleted electronic payment and change the bank processing date to the correct date, when the payment was made. Ensure the correct account (main account two) is selected in the pay from account drop-down. Click the 'bank file' button. A message saying 'the transaction will be recorded before the bank file is created' will appear. Click OK. A window asking where you want to save the bank file will appear. Click cancel as you don't wish to create a bank file.


This process will record the electronic payment against bank account 2, allowing you to reconcile. It won't change the existing payroll transactions in any way, and it won't cause any payment to be processed.

Kind Regards

MYOB Client Support

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