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Restoring Company File

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Restoring Company File



I was in the process of rolling over my financial year from 2016 to 2017, when AccountEdge had an unexpected error and closed down.  Even though the financial year has "rolled" over, in as much as the information screen tells me its 2017, I'm hesitant to believe that all the necessary steps occurred.  I thought it best to restore my company file, and roll it over again.  


However, I have tried to restore my company file, and after a period of a couple of minutes, AccountEdge does not respond, and I have to force quit it.    I have shut down and restarted my computer and the server.  Yet this error is still occurring.  


I'm asking for assistance on whether the trust that the roll over has happend and what other measures can I take to restore the company file.







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Re: Restoring Company File

HI @Jacqueline01


If you have rolled over the financial year but are not convinced that it is fully completed, the first thing would be to run a File >> Verify and File >> Optimise. These two tools inbuilt into your AccountEdge are designed to check for any errors within your file and attempt to rectify them.


In contrast if you are going through restoring a backup and then rolling the financial year within that file, the first thing to do would be to run the verify and optimise of the restored file before attempting to roll the financial year.


To help minimise the chance of things going unexpectedly wrong, I recommend restoring the backup, as well as performing the Optimise and rolling the financial year, on the server computer as opposed to your computer. By performing these actions on the server as opposed to a computer networked to the server, it takes the network out of the equation and also avoids any issues of network related dropouts or hiccups that can happen from time to time.


Do let us know how you get on with this

MYOB Client Support
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