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does MYOB intergrate with Cat Cloud project management software

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does MYOB intergrate with Cat Cloud project management software

We are looking at the Cat Cloud Project Management Software but they are telling us it does not intergrate with MYOB and we would need to change to the likes of Xero.


Can anyone advise if they know anything about this and if MYOB is compatible or is looking at making changes that will make it compatible in the near future.




MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Re: does MYOB intergrate with Cat Cloud project management software

Hi @dawesse


In terms of interaction for an add-on to work with AccountRight 201x it would need to integrate with the AccountRight API. Basically, in short, this is the intermediary that connects the add-on with the AccountRight company file. I


f you do find a particular add-on/program that you would like to use with your company file I would encourage you to ask the development team of that program whether it will interact with AccountRIght API, provided that answer is yes then, in general, you would be able to integrate with your AccountRight company file.


Kind Regards,
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Re: does MYOB intergrate with Cat Cloud project management software

Hi Sue @dawesse, just to clarify something, it's not MYOB's job to integrate with CatCloud PM, it's the other way around. The developers of CatCloud have to choose which accounting programs to integrate to, and so far they have chosen not to integrate with AccountRight. You should ask them whether they are considering doing so now or in the future. 


Integration is made possible by the target application (AccountRight) providing the API that Steven mentioned. It is executed by the devs of CatCloud extending their integration module to add AccountRight as an option.

Regards, Mike (
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