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Backup path being copied to other PCs

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Backup path being copied to other PCs

A new problem with Accountright Version 2021.4.24.4417 This wa not occurring in prior versions.


It relates to the backing up of online files onto PCs.


When you back up an online file, the file path of the backup is saved Refer dialogue box (Backing up a Company file) "Select where you want to save the backup file"


Trouble is that it is now copying this path (folders and sub-folders) onto other PCs.


As a BAS agent with many MYOB clients, I am now getting all these new paths being created on my PC.


EG:  My client saves their backup to eg. c:\DepartmentA\SubgroupB\MYOB\Backups\


These folders and filepath are not on my PC and there is no reason for them to be there, however:-


The second I hit the "Browse" button on the Backing up a company file dialogue box, MYOB goes and creates these folders and file path on my computer.  so now I have this fie path  c:\DepartmentA\SubgroupB\MYOB\Backups\ sitting on my computer.


It is just unwanted clutter, in fact it is very confusing.


Does someone have a solution, or can MYOB please escalate this to be fixed.  I tried talking to a MYOB tech yesterday and they refused to believe point blank that it was happening.  Tried again today and when transferred to a product specialist the queue was over an hour long.  

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Re: Backup path being copied to other PCs

Hi @EricO 


Just testing that situation within my AccountRight 2021.4 version I haven't been able to replicate that situation and this is not something that I have come across from other users.

The recommendation would be to see it works the other way i.e. if the users that are backing up the file are having your path created on their end. This would give you an indication of whether the situation is more widespread. In saying that, my recommendation would be a full uninstall of the software and then reinstall it as your first port of call. If that is still occurring, ensure that other applications are not running i.e. automated backup software or mirroring of folders. 

As a temporary workaround, if it is only occurring when selecting Browse, prior to selecting that option, the path should be highlight so you can select Delete to remove it and then select that option to create the path.

Kind regards,

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